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Properties and Lore

In African folklore it says that Tanzanite helps to relax and slow down intense individuals who deal with pressure on a regular basis, allowing them to lead less stressful, more productive, healthier lives. This keeps them more organized and sensitive to others around them.

"It is believed that the coming of this stone to the surface of the planet heralds a tremendous awakening of the heart energies of the race of man."

Tanzanite acts as an elixir to one's soul; elevating one's mood and freeing one from negative habits. It restores balance to an individual by making one not overly bossy and demanding, yet at the same time ensuring that one is not taken advantage of. The belief is that owning Tanzanite will bring luck and fortune to its bearer.

To a few, these beliefs may appear to be wacky alternatives dreamt up by hippies, or perhaps just another marketing tool. In reality, the lore of gem and crystal healing has its roots in ancient practices that predate modern medicine by thousands of years. Two such ancient healing techniques, still very much in practice in countries such as India and Thailand today, are Litho-therapy and Crystal Healing.

Tanzanite The Gem Of Good Fortune

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Litho-therapy, from the Greek meaning "Stone" is a healing practice using minerals to harmonize and rebalance the body's internal energy flow (Chi). The belief in minerals having healing properties is ancient, being used by the Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, Mesopotamians and just about every archaic culture that ever existed.

Metaphysically, Tanzanite is said to activate and integrate the energies of the heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras, creating a condition in which the mind and psychic abilities are activated and guided by the wisdom of the heart. The energized throat chakra allows for clear communication of this integrated understanding.

It is believed that the coming of this stone to the surface of the planet heralds a tremendous awakening of the heart energies of the race of man. It is primarily for balancing the spirit at this time and you will find that very many of what are called "illnesses" these days are due to an imbalance of the spirit.

Tanzanite The Gem Of Generosity And Friendship

Tanzanite Chakra Point Image

Tanzanite is believed to be the key to experiencing the inner worlds. It allows for communication with the spirit guides and other beings from dimensions normally hidden to our conscious minds.

Physically it helps the body to absorb zinc, restores consciousness, clears toxins that can cause skin disorders and is said to awaken the mind and the heart, and ease ones' blood pressure.

Open Your Mind With Tanzanite

Emotionally it allows one to be more cognizant of the anomaly of time and space in relation to our current third dimensional reality and assist one in feeling more at one with all.

The blue and purple hues of tanzanite are associated with generosity and friendship thus making it the perfect gift.

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